What really happened at Concord Rangers on Saturday October 17?

Concord Rangers were defeated by 1-0 goal on October 17 in the National League South, but that wasn’t the main story from this encounter.

That was because hours later, it was announced by Concord Rangers’ Graphic designer Tom Day that he was released by the club hours after the game concluded.

What really happened?

From Tom’s perspective he didn’t really feel like he did too much wrong in the situation.

“I felt like I was just doing my job and this was the best way to highlight what was going on with the incident regarding the Hungerford Town player Kyle Tooze”, Day insisted.

He went on to say: “I have been asked to leave as members of the club did not like the tone in which I replied to these comments, in which I and a few others have stated, was the exact same tone as to which I was spoken to in.”

Media assistant at Concord Rangers Kian Ward gave Park Life Sport a rundown of how he perceived the events to unfold on the day.

He started off by saying: “The reason he got sacked isn’t actually anything to do with what’s been said publicly at all.

“It started due to the fact we played or so we thought 58 minutes of stoppage time so both myself and Tom were unaware that this was in response to a major incident on the pitch which meant the clock was stopped.

“We weren’t aware of that and just kept our stopwatch running hence why the 58 minutes of added time.

“The reason Tom was asked to leave was in fact how he reacted when a committee member asked why he highlighted it on social media making it look so bizarre.

“Tom reacted negatively and sarcastically towards the committee member.

“What was most frustrating was the fact that Tom was in my car and I kept asking him to stop replying and getting angry and he ignored me.

“Had he listened to me; I believe it would have been a different end to the situation.

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“I was asked by the committee to remove Tom from his position and thank him for his efforts at the club which I still am truly grateful for.

“My opinion of Tom is that he is one of the most talented graphic designers around at the moment.

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