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Sarah Barrow On Diving Course Logistics And The Hopes Of Enhancing Other Facilities

The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in March 2022 will be the first time the Games have been held in England since Manchester played host in 2002 and Sarah Barrow expressed her desire to make sure all the diving facilities in the West Midlands are up to scratch to ensure the next generation are able to get the best training in the hope they can dream of making it in the sport.

^ Tom Daley and Jack Laugher are just two names to have lit up the sport of Diving at the Commonwealth Games

Solihull and Sutton Coldfield are the sites we’ve got properly up and running at the moment and what I’m trying to do is get coaches in and start coaching courses in the West Midlands.

Barrow went on to highlight the slight difficulties that face the diving courses amongst the enthusiasm in expanding the project.

“It is a bit tricky though because we need divers to be able to do the courses. We have got divers in the West Midlands which is brilliant, considering we didn’t have many before, but it will take a few more months to get them up to the standard we need for the courses.”

“As lead officer for Swim England on the project, it’s pleasing to see things moving in the right direction when we look at what targets we set to achieve. 

Everything is getting ready and I’m really excited for these projects that we’ve planned.”

Despite the hitches in the project’s preparation with regards to the divers, Barrow can certainly be pleased with what she as part of Swim England has achieved so far in other aspects, which include creating a network and membership scheme for teachers and coaches and providing a solid coaching course framework in the West Midlands.

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