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Overwatch 2 Local Round-up: Bristol’s final hopes crushed whilst Oxford survive on dire straits

During the first two rounds of the Overwatch 2 Campus Clash Prize Playoffs, Oxford first bested Roehampton 3-1, then suffered a 3-0 defeat to Durham Defenders in the second leg of the bracket.

The result positions the Oxford ‘Omnics’ firmly into the lower half of the bracket, one loss away from playoffs elimination.

With their hopes hanging on by a thread, the team needs to figure out how to replicate their form against Roehampton ‘Dynasty’ ahead of their fixture next Monday against University of Exeter’s ‘Exe on the Beach’.

Bristol were not so lucky, suffering two defeats in one night and earning themselves the quickest-possible playoffs exit.

Bristol’s first set of games in the playoffs bracket were against Lancaster University’s ‘Lancaster Bombers’ and was a hard-fought defeat.

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The series was one of the few that recieved live commentary from the tournament organisers, and despite star performances from players such as ‘Hogchamp’ on Reinhardt and ‘Sabotabby’ on DPS, the University of Bristol squad couldn’t hold on.

In their second round of the playoffs, the team suffered a 3-0 defeat by the same team that is set to face Oxford in one week’s time, ‘Exe on the Beach’.

The playoffs will continue for two weeks before the spring finals are played live on NUEL’s Twitch channel, on March 28.

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