No sport, what do we watch now?

So you’ve just had a weekend of no sport and you really don’t want to have to do it again come Saturday, well don’t worry Park Life Sport has you covered. with some alternatives for you to watch.


It might not be for everyone but E-sports are still going ahead as human contact is not necessary. If your a football lover then why not give a Fifa E-sports tournament a try. However, its not just football based games E-sports covers a large range of different game genre’s so there is something for everyone.

Image of a E-sports athlete

Amazon and Netflix Sports Docu-series

If you haven’t already watched any of the shows on Netflix or Amazon prime surrounding sport now is a better time than any. The Sunderland til’ I die series on Netflix and the Manchester City, Leeds and Borussia Dortmund documentaries on Amazon are all all fantastic watches that offer exclusive behind the scenes looks at life behind the curtain in a football club. It’s not just football however, there are docs on NFL, NBA and Wrestling. These shows are perfect for filling weekends that would normally be filled watching sport anyway.

A glowing review from Sports net’s head anchor

Marble racing

There is one sport that has been trending online as of late and that is the high octane thrill ride that is marble racing. It has really taken off in America right now as the US is also adapting to life without elite sport.

It is a serious sport however, the sport sees where marbles released down a track, and whichever marble gets to the bottom or the end first will claim the victory. According to the Marble League Wiki, all competitors have to be 16mm (0.6 inches) in diameter and there can be disqualifications for incidents such as pushing a block off the track, blocking another marble, jumping into another lane or false starts.

Each season has 16 events, with points awarded for placements in each race. The points are as follows, according to The Marble League:

  • 1st—25 points
  • 2nd—20 points
  • 3rd—15 points
  • 4th—12 points
  • 5th—11 points
  • 6th—10 points
  • 7th—9 points
  • 8th—8 points
  • 9th—7 points
  • 10th—6 points
  • 11th—5 points
  • 12th—4 points
  • 13th—3 points
  • 14th—2 points
  • 15th—1 point

As on March 9, the Marble League YouTube page had 600,000 subscribers, with its last Marbula One race attracting 11,000 live viewers.

The sport really seems to be taking off

Classic sporting events

If we can’t watch current sport then why not reminisce with some old sporting events, youtube is full of old matches and events from over the years. There is an ongoing petition for BBC to start showing some old Match Of The Day’s on weekends from years gone by. Season reviews from your favourite club is also a way to go I have a huge collection of season reviews that I’m sure will get busted out over the next month or two.

If these different options don’t give you any ideas on what to do with your weekends in isolation then lets just hope that sport will return to us very soon!

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