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Michael Duff: “It’s not just football that’s suffering at the minute, the whole world is suffering.”

Cheltenham Town manager Michael Duff has said he recognises the difficulties his side are facing as Covid 19 cases continue to rise around the country and admitted the frustration is getting to him and his colleagues.

He said: “Hopefully the fans will be let in soon, but it just seems to keep going on and on and on.

“We need the fans back, for financial and football reasons, I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of why we can’t have them because everyone’s debated that.

“Hopefully there’ll be some help for the clubs and we can get the supporters in safely and as soon as possible.”

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The coronavirus pandemic has had many financial repercussions on the footballing community. As clubs play games behind closed doors and miss out on essential matchday ticket revenue, more and more football league teams are struggling to manage their finances and fear they may never be able get back to where they once were prior Covid-19.

The former-Cheltenham and Burnley centre-back claims the support his side has been shown from the local community provides hope and is key to getting through this tough period.

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“You feel the support from everybody, with the supporters in cardboard cut outs, it doesn’t help make any noise but subliminally you know all those people are there helping and are paying their hard-earned money to support you.

“It’s not just football that’s suffering at the minute, the whole world is suffering economically so these are tough times but hopefully we’ll pull together the whole football and local community comes through it,” Duff Said.

Only time will tell before fans are safely welcomed back into stadiums, but for the time-being, it looks as if football league clubs are going to have to get used to empty stands and noiseless arenas.

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