How Prescott Speed Hill Climb worked around no spectators and what’s to come for them in 2021

Having zero fans in attendance at Prescott Speed Hill Climb and the Bugatti Owners Club in 2020 was something that forced general manager Gemma Price to explore how fans would still be able to catch the action.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to all sporting events across the UK in March 2020, which meant that the 2020 season at Prescott didn’t even get to start.

Once sport started to resume in late June throughout the country, it wasn’t until August 22 that the hill ran an official competition for the first time this year, almost 12 months since the 2019 season ended.

But as the estate is usually packed with spectators in the paddock and the fields watching, Price and the BOC had to come up with another method for fans to still feel part of the competition by livestreaming.

“So because of Covid restrictions we weren’t allowed to have fans at Prescott this  year,” Price said.

However we took the decision to livestream our events onto YouTube and Facebook, and we promoted that out to our membership and wider range of followers on social media.

By setting up and the success of livestreaming all their official competition events, the BOC discovered that it was something that was going to be in place in the future.

So far too date with livestreaming we’ve streamed over 15 hours worth of competitions and we’ve had over sixty-five thousand views worldwide for our livestreaming,” Price added.

So it’s actually turned out to be an innovation that we were forced into doing and that we are going to keep moving forward.”

It’s currently the off-season for competition at Prescott until next year but with the recent return of fans into stadiums and events depending on the areas level of tier, the BOC are expecting spectators to make a return to the hill.

Prescott’s 2021 season is set to start on April 24 with the British and Midland Championship from their provisional calendar and, depending on the local areas tier at the time, can expect from up to two-thousand to up to four-thousand fans.

Along with the provisional calendar already up for fans to be excited about, a recent announcement of an event called ‘Prescott Italia’ was made, bringing a vast majority of Italian cars to the hill in 2021.

“So next year we have already announced one of our big new themed events ‘Prescott Italia’,” said Price.

“Which is going to be on the 30th of May. Which will feature approximately 200 Italian sports and super cars. So there will be a paddock full of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s Maserati’s and various other bits and bobs.

Plus a lot of the big car clubs are going to come along and display non-competing cars as well. So there will hundred’s of beautiful Italian cars on the estate on the 30th of May.”

It’s certainly been a joy to see fans return to watch sport around the country and will no doubt be exciting for Prescott as well in a few months time.

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