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Gloucester City co-chairman Alex Petheram denies reports that a vote will decide the fate of National League season

Gloucester City co-chairman Alex Petheram has denied reports that a vote will take place today to determine whether to void the National League season.

It has been widely rumoured that National League chiefs are going to vote on the future of the current campaign after the large majority of clubs refused to accept a governmental loan.

However, when speaking to Park Life Sport, Petheram rubbished those claims, saying: “There’s no vote and no announcement. It’s all media stories.

“Wait a couple of days and let’s see what happens. At the moment there’s zero facts known.”

The Tigers, who currently sit top of the National League North, released a statement written by Petheram on January 20 and included: “My personal points are as follows: this is all about money. Not Covid or even safety – just funding and money. I feel it’s very important that we remember that we’re not talking about anything other than this.

“Ever since the first money was issued – which we are thankful for – concern was raised over it only being for three months, but importantly it was a grant with the following three months seemingly already agreed. Now to find out that the money was never actually all a grant is a shock. In truth it’s staggering, not just a shock.

“But when we heard nothing in December concern entered our mind and we’ve reduced our wage bill to reduce our risks and exposure accordingly. Don’t forget, we have external or third party debt at this football club, so i’m not keen on taking any on now!!

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“For me the season must be played to its conclusion! ‘Elite sport’ is about winners and losers, not taking part. If the Olympics remove gold, silver and bronze medals and replace them with achievement merits, then my opinion on this might change.

“I accept that clubs should not be forced into debt, as that’s very wrong given the initial promises. In fact the league may have actually forced some clubs to deal insolvently! But to suspend the season or worse is just not an option.”

The issue arrises after the government decided to offer the National League £11 million as a loan rather than a grant.

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