Fans expected to be back at Prescott Speed Hill Climb in 2021

Prescott Speed Hill Climb and the Bugatti Owners Club are expecting a return of fans to their estate in 2021, depending on the local areas’ tier level at the time.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought sport of all kinds to a complete stop in the UK in March earlier this year, including scheduled events at Prescott.

Fans haven’t been present at elite sporting events since the return of sport in the summer but following Boris Johnson’s announcement in November, stadiums and events have started to fill with minimal numbers.

While the likes of the Cheltenham Town FC and Gloucester Rugby have enjoyed the return of fans, Prescott are going to have to wait until their 2021 season kicks off to be able to welcome spectators back to the hill.

The field overlooking Ettore’s Bend where most fans would come to spectate.

From the current guidelines it is expected that up to two-thousand to up to four-thousand fans will be able to attend the motoring events in Prescott when they return in April for the 2021 season.

“At the moment we have been told that fans will be able to return to Prescott next year,” said Gemma Price, general manager of the BOC at Prescott Speed Hill Climb.

 “The quantity of fans and how we manage them will depend on what tier we’re sitting within.

Because we are an outdoor venue, if we’re in tier two we’ll be allowed up to two-thousand spectators on site. If we are in tier one we will be allowed up to four-thousand spectators on site. So we can’t wait to get everybody back!”

But for now it’s currently the off-season at the BOC, where they were only able to run a limited number of event weekends once sport resumed across the country, the last of which coming at the beginning of October.

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