BREAKING: Champions League and Europa League could be reformed as ‘mini-tournaments’

Uefa chiefs are set to hold a conference call tomorrow to discuss how to complete this season’s fixtures, with Euro 2020 set to be postponed.

This is to allow time for the completion of all of Europe’s top five leagues.

All members, the boards of the European Club Association and the European Leagues, and a representative of world players’ union Fifpro have been invited to Tuesday’s meeting.

It is understood one idea to be put forward at the meeting is a mini tournament. This would mean reducing the Quarter and Semi finals down to one leg, and hosting them in Istanbul and Gdansk, the host cities for each competition’s final.

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With coronavirus cases increasing at a rapid rate, and Premier League bosses, for example, expressing their desire to complete the current season, it means that should Euro 2020 be postponed, time needs to be made for UEFA competitions to be completed.

And one suggestion is that over a two-week period, the remaining teams in both competitions take part in a tournament-like layout, similar to the knockout stages of a World Cup or Euros in order to complete them.

For now, the Premier League has been put on hold until April the 4th. In terms of European football, Italy and Spain are both on lockdown, meaning any dates cannot be set for when the Champions League or Europa League can re-start, with both countries on lockdown.

More updates throughout the day as they come.

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