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Alfie May’s year in paradise at Cheltenham Town

January 23, 2021: Cheltenham Town captain Ben Tozer catapulted one of his trademark long throws into the heart of the penalty area. A number of ricochets diverted the ball into the path of Alfie May, who escaped his marker to poke the ball past Manchester City goalkeeper Zack Steffen.

It was a moment that went down in Cheltenham folklore and the goal also marked the beginning of a sensational year for May himself. The 28-year-old went onto finish as the Robins’ leading goal scorer in 2020-21 as Cheltenham lifted the League Two title for the very first time.

Although May saviours his goal for its personal significance, the forward believes that the performance of the side instilled a fearless mentality into the side.

“The way we played against one of the best teams in the world gave us the confidence that if we can do it against them, we can do it against anyone,” May revealed.

“It brings back good memories. I know we lost but the biggest shame was that supporters weren’t at the ground to witness it.”

It should be for this very reason that their mentality isn’t underestimated in their quest to stay in League One this season. If Cheltenham are to preserve their League One status, May is likely to play an instrumental role in deciding their fate.

He is just two goals short of his personal record of nine goals, and agrees that he’s playing arguably the best football of his career from an individual perspective.

But the goal against the defending Premier League champions is still a crowning individual moment. Despite rival supporters complaining about how much the Man City game is mentioned, May never shies away from reminding them again on social media.

“There’s a few people that dig you out on Twitter and I’m one of them,” May joked.

“I’ll always have a laugh and crack on Twitter. Nothing really offends me. You can probably call me anything, you can tell me I’m rubbish, but I’ll just laugh it off. I like the banter!

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