Women’s football team latest to support Mind charity

University of Gloucestershire’s women’s football team have been raising awareness for Mind – a mental health charity already widely supported across the sport.

The English Football League have included the charity on the back of all clubs’ shirts since the start of last season – helping with the launch of their new #HaveYourMatesBack campaign.

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In an attempt to increase support further, the ladies’ football team hosted a five-a-side football tournament on Wednesday in their aid.

Club community and engagement officer, and goalkeeper, Katie Christopher has explained the importance of supporting a charity like Mind.

She said: “Many of the girls within the club have suffered or are suffering with mental health problems, some really severe.

“We always want to show we’re an open club and accept anyone into it.”

With over one hundred people participating, the tournament successfully raised £752 for the cause, and Christopher believes it achieved more than they set out for it to.

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“We raised over £100 more than last year, which is amazing,” said Christopher.

“We wanted to also raise awareness of mind’s new Have Your Mate’s Back campaign. Hardly anyone had heard about it beforehand, so that’s at least £150 more.”

“It’s so important for students to be involved in sports. Playing sport helps improve mental health, so playing a sport that isn’t their usual and with their friends in a fun environment can bring nothing bus positives for them.

“As well as those playing, plenty were there watching from all different campuses around the university. All these people can now talk about the tournament, talk about the money raised and Mind’s new campaign.

“There should be much greater awareness now.”

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