WATCH: Championship fans on Sky fixture disruption

Sky’s latest deal with the EFL has caused much debate within the top teams in the league. The five year, £595 million deal comes with many financial benefits for Championship sides.

However, sides such as Aston Villa, Derby County, and Leeds United have protested the deal saying that they feel it undermines the league. As these arguments have died down, the impact of the deal of fans is becoming more apparent.

The money teams received will co-inside with the number of games they have shown on Sky Sports, giving them the power to change when those fixtures are played. Friday nights have become a popular spot for Championship games, and arguably no team knows that better than West Brom.


The Baggies have played four games on Fridays so far this season, and will add a fifth when they travel to Sheffield at the end of the week. We were on the streets around The Hawthorns before the big West Midlands derby with Aston Villa to get the opinion of home fans on this issue.

Some were out spoken in their opposition. One fan told us “It’s a pain quite frankly. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the Brentford game hadn’t have been on Monday, if that had been on the weekend. But to have a game moved to a Monday and one moved the other way to a Friday, there just far too close together.

“Much closer than they need to be. We’re on telly next Friday as well and we’ve had the Leeds game on a Saturday night as well. Quite frankly it’s a pain for someone like me. What do I do on a Saturday?”

However, not everyone saw the movement of fixtures as a big issue. Another fan said “Well it depends on where you live and where you’re coming from and all the rest. Me personally I don’t mind I like chopping and changing. Have it on a Wednesday night, Monday night, Friday night instead of a 3pm on Saturday. It’s a bit of variety.”

Check out the video attached to hear the thought’s of other Baggies fans, and be sure to get in touch to let us know what you think.

Obviously West Brom are not the only team affected by this issue, and many fans must now prepare themselves for disruption. However, the results of a poll ran on Twitter earlier today suggest that many fans are opened to rescheduling.

67% of fans said they were open to watching their team whenever and wherever necessary. For Albion fans, there is no let up in the evening fixtures. They travel up to Sheffield United next Friday, as we head into a bus winter in the EFL.

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