THE ARMOURY: Cheltenham’s First Holistic Charity gym is now open.

Last Friday the Armoury Gym opened its doors for the first time. The gym is the first in Cheltenham to focus on both your mental and physical health, to stamp out the stigma attached to going to the gym and improving your physical appearance.

Founded by 22-year-old Jon Taylor, the gym is based behind trinity Church in Cheltenham, and has been a project 18-months in the making.

Starting out by just providing weekly fitness sessions across the county, The Armoury now has a gym with three workout rooms, as well as an open area to relax and rest after your workout.

The gym also boasts the cheapest membership prices in the area, monthly membership is £13.49 for students and £15.49 for adults. Park Life sport reporters George Didcote and Connor Laing caught up with Jon Taylor to to learn more about his Armoury journey.

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