Stratford Upon Avon Golf Club’s 125th Anniversary: The Big Event

S-U-A Golf Club will be celebrating a historic occurrence this coming summer with 125 years of being founded since 1894.

Professional Matthew Brookes highlighted the importance of the occasion saying; “Plenty planned for it so it should be good.”

There is a whole range of activities and events, ranging from BBQ’s to the notable 125 hole challenge.

Club professionals Fred Jewsbury, Julian Dodsworth and Rob Copperthwaite will be accompanied by European Tour player Andy Sullivan.

Whilst other Professional Matthew Brookes was shocked not to be included with this challenge; ” I can’t believe I wasn’t asked to do it, I’m probably the fittest assistant here!”

Matt was surprised not to be picked for the 125 hole challenge

Whether or not he would have coped through it was to be seen; ” I would need very comfortable shoes and eat a lot of calories!”

As well as the record breaking attempt, there is also a family atmosphere with a BBQ throughout the day.

“The idea is to invite families and their friends and youngsters along to what should be a good day. I’m helping out such as setting up FootGolf for them.”

This is a rare occasion for Stratford Golf Club to host such an occasion, but Brookes believes that if this was to be a success there is a good chance of seeing more of them in the future.

“Definitely, the captain of this club is wanting and try and make it more open and friendly.”

This looks to be a very positive direction for the Golf Club, given their recent history of being known for ‘stubborn and private.’ Something that the 24 year old professional agrees with.

” Yeah definitely 100%! We are also hoping that by putting on this event will make us look more attractive to families and young people.”

The event is set to take place on June 14th and money raised from the day will go to Victims Support which is the club’s chosen charity.

Watch the full interview below.

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