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Snow and ice result in cancelled fixtures, meets and activities

The first snow in Gloucestershire fell over the weekend. The cold conditions and unrelenting fall of snow throughout Saturday night and into Sunday meant that games all over the county had to be called off.

Frozen pitches to unsafe road conditions, the weather had an effect on most if not all sports competitive or otherwise.

Locations throughout Cheltenham were hit hard, Leisure at Cheltenham had both regular and canoe polo teams cancel plans for fixtures as well as multiple classes and regular events that are put on at the gym.

Although it meant a lack of activity through much of the weekend sport-wise, sledding was as popular as ever in the snow, perhaps a league could be started for next year in case of a repeat of the conditions.

The weather will warm once again however as we go through this week, hopefully cancelled games and activities will be reorganised and played after the delay.

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