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Skittles: The West Country game

Skittles is a sport that has been about in Gloucestershire since the 1950s. With popular growth during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Why has it seen a decline and why hasn’t it gone to the rest of the country? Well local player Geoff Trett thinks that if one team started, more would follow; “I think a major issue is the cost of the lane itself, it’s very expensive but they would make the money back once everyone sees how profitable it can be”.

Skittles is a simple game that requires minimal athleticism, as Trett points out. “I’ve never been a huge sportsman but skittles is the one game I can play and I absolutely love it”. This sounds like the West Country have a hidden gem that could be great for the whole country. In particular for women, an area that has had a growing audience for the sport, which Trett believes is down to the way in which society has evolved. “Women’s skittles is growing and growing, but I think that is because women go out more than what they used to”.

It is great to see a growth in a female sport. However, the men’s divisions have dropped from 19 leagues in the mid-nineties, to just 8 divisions now. This is down to a lack of the new generation playing. “I don’t know why youngsters don’t come down and play. It’s better than being stuck at home and it’s a great environment to be in, so we really encourage them to come on down.” Trett says.

If you wish to join a local Skittles team here in Gloucestershire, you can find details on your local side here:

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