Severn Stars head coach wants to create a ‘strong identity.’

Severn Stars are in their third year of franchise since joining the newly successful Vitality Netball Superleague, and they are determined to make a big impression and to finish in the top four.

The University of Gloucestershire and University of Worcester share home games as the team is partnered with both universities. 

Head coach Sam Bird said: “We are aiming to create a strong identity club, we are trying to be as professional as we can but also making it a fun environment for players to come play and work for us.”

The Stars currently stand seventh with half of the league games already gone and eight rounds to go. They have lost six but won three with their last two wins being away against London Pulse, 51-60 and Strathclyde Sirens 37-56.

With the season starting just last month, Sam said: “We are mainly looking for the squad to connect because we’ve got some new players so we are just seeing how those connections develop.”

“We have different combinations we are putting out, including players from Wales, two players from Wasps and a few which have developed from last season and have now got into the squad.

“They are paid players and they are sourced from all over the country.”

Sam’s coaching style is to train with intensity and passion. As well as playing with intelligence and flair and to be ruthless in delivery of elite performance.

The Superleague keeps on growing, with a new addition called London Pulse, the first central London team to be part of the league. The Severn’s team approaches new teams with the same mindset as with any other game. 

“Even though they are a new team we are familiar with a lot of the players. Some are top super league players and some are from international teams. We tend to look to see how our own team matches up against what they put out,” confirmed Sam.

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