REVIEW: Cheltenham hockey club win against Havant

It’s a do or die situation for Cheltenham hockey club, despite a 4-3 win against Havant home yesterday afternoon at Cheltenham College.

Cheltenham hockey club got their first win after a losing streak of three games in previous weeks.

Havant came out fighting by scoring the first two field goals just three minutes into the game from Matthew Cox, and 24 minutes later by Michael Deller-Merricks.

Havant were thoroughly on the attack throughout the first half of the game but this did not stop Cheltenham from keeping to their game plan.

With this Craig Graham had the comeback started for the Gloucestershire side, scoring in the 33rd minute. This swiftly followed four minutes later by Mohamed Samak with another field goal.

With the score tied up at 2-2 and it being a must win game for Cheltenham to keep their West Conference Division dream alive, they had to score soon.

With eight minutes to go and Lee Robson’s side desperately needing the win to get as many possible points they can before the playoff places.

Luke Cole scores the last field goal for Cheltenham hockey club, getting the win for the team and bringing back confidence to the side.

Goalscorers: CHELTENHAM

  • Craig Graham (FG33), Mohamed Samak (FG37), Luke Cole (FG52)

Goalscorers: HAVANT

  • Matthew Cox (FG3), Michael Deller-Merricks (FG27)

As Cheltenham’s playoff games are in the distance, coming up this weekend is a double header for Cheltenham against Birmingham University at a later time of 5:00pm on the Saturday and 1:00pm against Clifton Robinson on the Sunday.

Cheltenham always play a little better at home due to the home crowd being so loud, but they don’t have far to travel to Birmingham who sit third in the league table.

It will be a battle for Cheltenham who have three games left before the playoff places against Birmingham this weekend, then top of the table University of Exeter and then bottom of the table Clifton Robinsons.

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