RACING: AP McCoy gives his views on Cheltenham Races

Among lovers of horse racing and even the general public, everybody knows the name Sir AP McCoy.

The Cheltenham Races start today and AP McCoy is reliving his favourite festival moments from discussing the Gold Cup and his favourite horse to ride.

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Toughest race in horse racing?

He knows what it’s like to race in the Gold Cup and how difficult the race is to ride not just for the jockey, but more so for the horse.

You don’t see many horses winning the Gold Cup more than once and there is a reason for this.

He said: “You look at Denman, he beat Kauto Star in his absolute prime, but it broke his heart. You know literally.

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“He never was the same horse afterwards. He put so much into to beating Kauto Star that he was never able to reproduce that performance again.”

Just with that information, you really get the feeling of how tough this race actually and McCoy said: “It is the most difficult race. It is the pinnacle. It is what you need in a champion.”

Sir AP McCoy’s personal favourite Gold Cup moment

One of his favourite horse’s to ride the Gold Cup with was Synchronised and one of his reasons is very sweet.

McCoy said: “Synchronised was special to me for a lot of reasons. His mother Mayasta was the first horse I ever won on for JP McManus in 1996.”

He goes onto describe the achievements of Synchronised since then and the incredible Gold Cup race in 2012, which was such an incredible race.

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The way he ran the race surprised everyone especially those saying he had no chance.

He said: ” Everyone thought he was a really lazy horse, but he wasn’t lazy because he wouldn’t have won if he was lazy. He just physically wasn’t that quick.

McCoy was never worried about that though and knew that as long as they were close enough to the pack saying “he was never in a position where he couldn’t win.”

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“Synchronised, to me, was probably the best ride I ever gave a horse because it was the biggest day, it’s the biggest race.”

Tough times

Watching any horse pick up a fatal injury at a meet is always sad, but when it is a horse that you have so much success and good times with it more sad.

McCoy is no stranger to the heart ache of having a horse fall and then not make it after the race.

He said: “They are by far the worst days. Synchronised was the worse because I can remember when he fell.

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“I got a really bad fall whatever way I landed. I broke a few ribs, I was really sore.

“But I remember him out the corner of my eye when I was laying on the ground, I can remember him galloping off, and I thought, well he’s ok.

As far as McCoy knew, the horse was ok. Nothing had given him the suggestion that anything wasn’t ok. However, that was not the case as McCoy explains.

“I could hear it coming over his radio mic to say that Synchronised doesn’t look in great condition…I remember for days I never got over that.”

Horse racing is not a forgiving sport. The injuries that not only horses can pick up, but the jockeys also. It is such a dangerous sport if you do fall.

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