Preview: Cheltenham Hockey v Havant Hockey

Cheltenham Men’s Hockey club play Havant home at Cheltenham College Sunday at 4:00pm

Cheltenham are needing a win as they sit second from bottom of the West Conference table with only six points.

The last time the two sides met was away at Havant which ended in 2-1 loss for Cheltenham, it was a tight game but one Cheltenham don’t want to repeat.

Sam Cathie is Cheltenham’s goal keeper and has had an injury for a few games and back for some of the biggest games of the season.

Cathie has this to say about the weekend ahead:

“We’re in a rut, we’re in a fight. We know that. There are four games left, 12 points. We probably need 9 out of 12 and hope results go our way.

Cathie has recently come back from an ongoing injury and is looking to not let

“Is that possible? Yes. Think everyone has realised that we are in a bit of a mess now”.

Cheltenham need to win as many games as they can, now more than ever in this season to stay in their division.

They sit two points ahead of bottom of the table team Clifton Robinsons who have only won one of their games through the whole season.

Cathie continued saying:

“The pressure is on and hit them hard in the first five or ten minutes”.



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