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PODCAST: University of Gloucestershire’s men’s football star Sam Cheesman.

Park Life Sport reporters Ollie Wade and George Allen spoke to University of Gloucestershire men’s footballer Sam Cheesman on life as a footballer at the university.

Cheesman talks about his weekly schedule, team bonding and what the lifestyle is like as a footballer, while balancing his university life in the process.

The first team, which the midfielder plays for are sat in second place in the Western 2B league.

Scoring four goals in 10 games, he’s had his best season yet going into his final year of university.

The revealing podcast also lets Cheesman explain how seriously the players take it and what a typical match day is like.

His side’s most recent result is a 3-0 home win over Hartpury university men’s second team.

Click on the SoundCloud link below to listen to the full podcast.

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