Pamela Cookey hopes England’s win inspires

Pamela Cookey hopes that England Roses 62-60 win over Malawi Queens will encourage more young girls to take park in netball.

The former England Captain and Director of netball at Severn Stars, feels it is important for young people to see sporting women succeeding in the media.

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“The fact that you can see the England team doing so well and that there has been coverage over the last couple of tests is amazing. It’s important to see that success, and ladies doing their thing on court and doing it so well which is so great for the younger generation.

“They can then go in and practise the moves that the girls do on the court and replicate it in their club and school sessions. They’ll want to emulate the success of the girl they see on the television.

“It’s not just the young kids it’s the older kids as well who will also get inspired by watching live sport and watching women in sport doing so well. Everybody then wants to get up and get active and hopefully join a local netball team or just get involved with playing the game.”

Two Severn Star squad members played for the England Roses in their 62-10 win over Malawi Queens in the final game of the Vitality Netball International Series.

Both Eleanor Cardwell and Jodie Gibson both started in Wednesday’s match at Birmingham.

Cookey was pleased to see the girls from Severn Stars representing their country.

“It was really great to have Jodie and Eleanor representing England, putting on that red dress. Their performances were outstanding. It’s really good to see how much they’ve grown and improved that’s allowed them to slip into the England squad.

“Severn Stars is growing after our first year and we really want to build on that. Having the two girls doing so well on the international stage can only help our squad as we start our campaign in February.”

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