OPINION: Why Aston Villa would not benefit from being promoted back into the Premier League

Aston Villa are in contention for promotion to the Premier League having had an impressive campaign so far in the Championship.

Having looked at the history of Villa in the Premier League in recent years – it is not the place for them next season.

From 2006-2011 Villa finished in the top ten, but since that, they gradually plummeted, going from 14th, to 15th, to 17th until they were finally relegated into the Championship in 2016, when they finished 20th with a shocking seventeen points.

As a fan of the Claret and Blues myself, I don’t think a promotion to the Premier League would benefit The Villans, as it is simply a recipe for automatic relegation.

Villa need more time to develop into a more experienced and sustained squad, and with Steve Bruce carrying his men through as well as he has been, there is no reason they can’t achieve this, but in my opinion it is just too early.

Back when Villa were in the Premier League they had a lot of experienced players, up until the last couple of seasons when it all started to go wrong and they lost their way – and their players; such as James Milner, Stewart Downing and Brad Friedel.

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There is no doubt that Steve Bruce has done a phenomenal job as manager this season and from day one he has been behind his team, and had the confidence to bring them up to their current position. With that being said, the club are renowned for bringing young players in, which can have positive effects, such as speed and finesse, but it can also offer a lack of experience and ultimately make it harder for the team to work well together.

There are so many fantastic teams in the Premier League this season, ones who would provide some excellent competition for The Villan. However, whilst it is clear that Villa would go into every match with the determination and grit that all the fans want to see, I can’t see them being able to provide the technical ability that is the standard of the Premier League just yet.

It could be argued that Villa need to get promoted because of any financial repercussions which they may face, and I reason with this as the finances of the club are important, and if they have the money to spend then they should bring in that talent – but does that mean they will definitely be of the quality required for the Premier League?

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In order to mature back into the team they used to be, Villa need one last year in the Championship. They still have a lot to learn, and they can do this from other teams in the Championship. Wolves are a prime example of a team who have been hyped up all season, but have fell at the final hurdle, right when it has become crucial for them to stay on top – the fans won’t want this for Villa.

My worry is, should Villa be promoted back into the Premier League, they will lose their way and so will the fans. The status of the Premier League is great – and I thoroughly appreciate this factor and it contributes a lot to why fans want us to get there, however, I think that status is the least important thing in this situation. They need to focus on how they play – not where they play.


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