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OPINION: Betting in sport – has the fun stopped?

Betting in sport has been a very controversial topic in the last 12 months, yet the industry is as big has it has ever been thanks to the use of apps and smart phones. 

No longer do people have to walk down to their book makers, as they can now make an online account in minutes and start betting in the comfort of their own home.

As well as gaining access to betting has become easier, seeing it in sports has spread throughout advertising and marketing. 

Football clubs having shirts sponsors and even stadium names with book makers, such as Stoke City’s stadium being named the Bet365 stadium.    

[Stoke City’s ground is known as the Bet365 Stadium previously known as The Britannia Stadium]

At the start of this season it was announced that nine out of twenty Premier League teams and seventeen in the Championship had shirt sponsorship with betting companies such as; Betway, 888Sport, Bet365 and 32Red. 

With all this advertising and marketing all over sporting events and teams, measures have been put in place to try help and make sure people limit themselves with betting. 

Such as Senet Group’s ‘Bad Betting’ campaign, telling gambling audiences not to make bad bets when it is not going their way, to try and make their losses back.  

[ also introduced their own campaign ‘When the FUN stops STOP’ which now features on every betting advert. ]

The government it self has been involved with controlling gambling by trying to introduce limits on the maximum stake on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT.) Reducing it from £100 to £2. 

The decision has been brought forward ahead of its original implementation in October to April of this year.

People have reacted in mixed manners with some people suggesting that this is the step in the right direction in tackling gambling addiction whilst other argue it will just make people stay in book makers for longer hours.

 Once more, ‘whistle to whistle’ adverts have been banned since December in order to cut down the amount of betting advertisement that is already appearing in broadcast media particularly on sporting channels. 

It looks as more people are now starting to realize that dangers that gambling advertisement is having, especially though the sporting market. Whilst each book maker is keen to stress the dangers of gambling addiction, the simple videos and adverts may not be enough to prevent more addicts or combat addiction.

What is happening though at the current moment is that the betting industry is getting big as it has ever will only continue to grow.  Now all of the various advertisements and marketing, as well as the amount of betting offers for new customers. 

The easy access from phones, the constant adverts on sporting TV, around the Stadium and on the kits shows just how quickly this business is becoming. Clubs are now forming partnerships with betting companies as their own in-house bookies. Whether more control from the likes of the government in the near future is yet to be seen. 

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