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NETBALL: England’s success is causing an increase in popularity

Over the weekend, England Netball won the final two games of their series against Uganda to earn a 4-0 series win.

Severn Stars player, Jodie Gibson was involved and was even named player of the match in the third game before picking up an injury meaning she missed out of the final game.

This is good match practice for England going into a World Cup year, which will take place in Liverpool from 12-21 July 2019.

The BBC is the free to air broadcaster for the Netball World Cup which makes it more accessible for people who don’t have sky to watch, showing an increase in the amount of people wanting to watch it.

Before the success of England during the Commonwealth games the general consensus about netball is that it’s a girl’s sport. Why play netball when you can play basketball? It’s boring.

Well I’m here to say that is definitely not the case.

In response to the it’s just like basketball, but slower, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Netball is fast. You may not be able to move with the ball, but that doesn’t mean that it is slow. It is the opposite of slow to be exact.

Netball has an incredible pace about it and to keep that up for 60 minutes needs a lot of stamina.

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It is no surprise that the sport has had an increase in popularity since winning the Commonwealth gold medal earlier this year.

Not only has participation in the sport increased considerably with women, more men have also been donning bibs and playing the so called “women’s sport”.

Many people still believe that it is a women’s sport, but that is definitely not the case as there are men’s teams all over the world, even national teams.


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