MATT BROOKES: “I was considering knocking golf on the head”

Matt Brookes admitted that looking at his busy schedule made him consider “packing up golf.”

The 25-year-old has  a wide range of projects ahead of him this coming month, ranging from qualifying in the EuroPro Challenge Tour to his junior golf camps over the Easter holidays.

The Stratford-upon-Avon professional golfer explained just how busy his schedule is getting.[

“In the final stages of qualifying its three days and on the same week of my junior camps. It will be interesting to see how everything works.”

The outlook could be that he ends up playing more golf: “If I do well and start picking up early wins.”

Though whether he would be a teach or full time pro, the Midlands golfer made his preference clear.

“I would rather be a European Tour player to be honest with you. The money they earn.”

The EuroPro Challenge Tour is the first competition that Brookes has entered in, albeit a spontaneous decision: “I never looked into doing it but then my mate asked if I was seeing a new coach who also said I should give it a shot.

“The prize money was good, the entry fee wasn’t too bad and my mate just talked me into it.”

Brookes is confident ahead of the qualifiers this week, as he says that he has been “hitting the ball well.”

A quality that the Midlands professional thinks is a key attribute to playing well: “Confidence. 100% I can hit it as good as [European Tour professional] Andy Sullivan.”

The course that the Stratford-upon-Avon professional will be taking on is Donnington Grove, a course that the 25-year old is unfamiliar with.

“I haven’t even looked to be honest!”

The tour qualifying starts tomorrow but has not had any cheeky waivers with his mate, saving them for when they hopefully play on the main circuit; “No! maybe for when we are both playing we might do!”

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