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Local Man Makes Short for Headway Award

Local man Daniel Reeves made it onto the short list for Headway’s The Alex Richardson Achiever of the Year award.

On Friday Daniel and his wife headed down to London for the awards night.

“When I found out that I made the short list I didn’t feel like I deserved it, when you look at the stories of all the other candidates they seem like they’ve achieved so much more than I have. It was an honour to have my name next to theirs.

“Even though I didn’t win, we still had an amazing night and felt privileged to be a part of the event.”

Daniel was left wheelchair-bounds after a case of chickenpox caused him to contract encephalitis eight years ago that left him with a brain injury.

This year Daniel had managed to complete a 10k and Cheltenham’s half marathon  in his wheelchair and takes part in Cheltenham’s Park Run but it’s been a long road for recovery.

After falling ill with chickenpox he soon returned to work at the pub that Daniel and his wife Ruth ran, however he then experienced a seizure.

Ruth realised she needed to take him to the hospital when Daniel was not speaking coherently and wasn’t sure of his son’s name.

After the encephalitis diagnosis, brain injury charity Headway contacted the family to see how they could help.

“I wasn’t in a good place after the diagnosis, Ruth was doing so much for me, but I wasn’t as nice to her as I should have been, I would snap at her when I was frustrated.” Daniel admitted.

“Headway helped me so much, I had felt like I post a huge part of me and my personality after the illness, I was so active before.  At that point I was 100 percent reliant on other people to help me do everything.

“Headway showed me how to cope and to focus on the things I still had and things I could do not the things I had lost.”

When meeting Daniel it was obvious to see that he bought joy to everyone me met, several people stopped us to have a catch up with him and he was friendly and warm to them all.  Daniel is inspirational not only he overcame his difficulties to continue partaking in sport but because of his positive outlook on life and kind-heartedness that we all could learn from.

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