Jones has swipe at Wales coach: “Make sure he enjoys the third place play-off”

Eddie Jones has hit back at Wales coach Warren Gatland, cheekily remarking he hopes they’ll “enjoy their third and fourth place play-off” on Friday.

Gatland had previously questioned England, who play the World Cup final this Saturday, as he suggested they had already played their “final” in their semi-final win over New Zealand last weekend.

After Wales’ loss to South Africa, the Wales boss did praise England convincing win but followed it up by insinuating they might not turn up for the final with the same level of intensity.

“We have seen in previous World Cups that teams sometimes play their final in semi-finals and don’t always turn up for a final,” Gatland said on Sunday. “So it will be interesting to see how England are next week and it could be a good game.”

Jones, who has often clashed with his Welsh counterpart, brushed these comments off when he was asked about them.

“Well guys, can you just send my best wishes to Warren and make sure he enjoys the third-fourth place play-off,” the 59-year-old joked ahead of Gatland’s last game in charge of Wales.

England’s final on Saturday against South Africa will kick off at 9am Greenwich Main Time, 5pm local time at the International Stadium in Yokohama.

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