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“I’m so excited because of the opportunities this will hopefully open” says Cheltenham Cyclist Jenny Powell

Jenny Powell has signed a contract to join the UK based Elite Women’s cycling team CAMS-Tifosi.

CAMS-Tifosi has applied for UCI status, they currently awaiting the outcome of the application. 

Powell rode for Bianchi Dama during the 2019 season and will race for CAMS-Tifosi for the 2020 season. She said:

“I’m so excited because the opportunities this will hopefully open to me is what I have always dreamed of but then I am terrified as well because you want to be able to perform and you want to be able to perform better than you did last year. I have been on teams with some of the girls before and in cycling you know everyone you see everybody at races and that’s why I love it so much because I already see these girls as friends.”

The Cheltenham based cyclist was from a swimming and running background before she started her cycling career. She was given a bike for a triathlon, but instead decided to specialise and focus on cycling and her career has gone from strength to strength.

Powell crossing the finish line in the National Road Series – Credit: Warren @Traxphotos

Powell has had an impressive season claiming her first ever National Podium at round four of the Women’s National Road Series at the Tour of Reservoir. Powell told Park Life Sport:

“I have been searching for that podium for a long time and I have been close and not quite got there. You think will it ever happen and that actually happens to be one of my favourite races on the calendar, so to get the podium there was pretty epic for me and gave me bags of confidence.” 

Highlights of Tour of Reservoir where Powell finished second to secure her first National Podium

Other outstanding performances this season including a third-place finish at the Ryedale Grand Prix meant Powell finished fourth in the national road series overall standings which contributed to her team Bianchi Dama finishing fourth place in the overall team standings too.

Powell spoke about Bianchi Dama being recognised for their endeavour and success:

As a team Bianchi got the respect and the limelight that they deserve. You watch the commentary on the telly and they give us the respect and kudos we deserve because we are giving it a go and we are trying as a smaller team. Bianchi are the unknown like the underdog trying to push their way to the front as such, to have commentators like Jo Rowsell picking up on that it is lovely.” 

Powell in action at the National Road Series – Credit: Bob MacGregor

Powell also raced in the Lotto Belgium Tour which went up the iconic Muur Van Geraardsbergen three and a half times. Powell explained:

“It’s just different racing, its fast, it’s quite flat but I’m not used to cross winds because I’ve never really done that kind of racing before.”

CAMS-Tifosi team’s race schedule for 2020 is yet to be decided, it is expected to be confirmed in the next few weeks.

You can follow Powell and the rest of the CAMS-Tifosi’s progress via their website.

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