Increase In Tennis Participation Rates Is Good News For Local Clubs

The LTA has released a figure that shows almost 131,000 more people played tennis in June 2017 than in June 2016.

With this coinciding with the ITA now investing in programmes aimed to ‘Transform British Tennis Together’, as this scheme helps to promote Tennis at grassroots level, in order to enhance participation amongst people of all ages.

I was able to speak various clubs around Cheltenham and Gloucestershire, to gain their general views on the increase amongst the sports participation of local clubs – in particular. With specific reference to East Glos Tennis Club, who have been a long established club.

They have already 1,000 members currently invested into playing the sport, and are keen to constantly attract new members to the club. They are the epitome of how local tennis clubs are now set up and how they should be encouraging more people to get involved in tennis.

They encapsulate the essence of how a grassroots level club should be run, with individuals from all ages and backgrounds currently involved.

I spoke to a long serving member of the club to gain his views on the club’s progression since being established.

“I believe we have about 1,000 members and the Tennis side is the vast majority of the time, with squash courts as well, we also have social nights as well however there are a  number of courts all year round, so people like me like to arrive at the club nice and early”.

“I’ve been a member of this club now for about 20 years, there’s been a change of surface over the years but it never stops us playing regardless of the weather”, he added.

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