From the Ring to the Squared Circle

The Gypsy King, Tyson Fury has been confirmed on the next WWE Pay-Per-View card. On 31 October in Saudi Arabia, Fury will fight “The Monster Among Men”- Braun Strowman at the event, ‘Crown Jewel’.

Now the whole showmanship and trash talk side of the industry is definitely up the Mancunians street. But why has he decided to compete against one of the most dominant forces of a sport that he has no experience in? A statement to the world that he can do anything? Money? Or simply a publicity stunt to gain a wider audience of viewers in America? With his contract signing with ESPN earlier this year there’s potential for it to be all three of these reasons.

It’s a bold move by the former Heavyweight Champion of the World and one that could make or break his image in the United States. He’s not the first boxer to enter the realms of sports entertainment. Most notably, Mike Tyson did it when he had a feud with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin back in 1998 and then Floyd Mayweather went head to head with The Big Show at Wrestlemania XXIV. Both of these however already had huge followings across the US. Whilst Fury has always fought in America with the persona of an arrogant Brit, a prime example of this was when he fought against Tom Schwarz and came out to the song, “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.

So the trash talking and promos will give Fury the chance to show a different side to his personality.

His opponent is Brawn Strowman, a man standing at 6ft 8in, he will be able to stand toe to toe with Fury and will allow for a colossal face off. Odds will be heavily in Fury’s favour as it will be unlikely that his management would have agreed with WWE representatives for him to lose the fight.

It’ll no doubt offer high value entertainment between two behemoths of their respected businesses.

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