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Formula One: Hamilton wins second race in Bahrain after Leclerc engine falters

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won the second Formula One race of the season in Bahrain over the weekend.

However, it was not straight forward. The young Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, was leading the race after starting from pole position ahead of his teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton started the race from third and made up a eight second deficit within the first three laps.

He went on to over take Sebastian Vettel with 20 laps to go into second place where Vettel spun and lost ground and eventually lost ground to finish in fifth, 36 seconds behind.

Leclerc was still out in front and commanding the race, until the moment his engine began to fail.

The problem was that the MGU-H, the part of the hybrid system that recovers energy from the turbo, had suffered a failure.

This reduced his speed by 40 km/h on the straights, which allowed first Hamilton and then Valtteri Bottas to overtake.

He was lucky not to fall further behind with Max Verstappen coming up behind him, but a late safety car allowed him to stay in third and on the podium.

Desperately unlucky for the 21-year-old who had been extremely impressive this weekend.

After the race, Hamilton had plenty of praise for Leclerc. He said: “You drove great this weekend. You really drove a fantastic one.

“You’ve a long long future ahead of you, so, I know it sucks in this moment but you got a long way to go.”

Leclerc may be feeling slightly disheartened, but he has shown that he is a title contender.

He will be hoping that a victory is right around the corner in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Qualifying starts on the 12th April and the race is on 14th April.

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