Exclusive: Former Cheltenham Ladies Manager on Legacy and New Role at Club

Former Cheltenham Town Ladies manager Graham Fletcher says he is proud of the professional legacy he has put in place during his three seasons as manager.

The now vice-chairman believes his signings and the youth set-up gives the club a bright future. “I think that professionalism is a word I’ve installed in the club and has been adopted by everybody,” Fletcher said.

In a statement the club announced last week that Fletcher stepped down as manager by mutual consent with the chairman.

Under Fletcher, Cheltenham secured just one win in their first seven league games and the ex-manager acknowledges that results were not good enough.

“At the end of the day any football person will tell you that it’s a result driven business. So if you don’t get the results you may well suffer the consequences.

“Over the last few games, maybe we lacked a little bit of confidence and things not going in our favour. We had a difficult start to the season playing some of the stronger sides and ultimately, at the end of the day, the chairman is going to look at the results on the field and that’s what he bases his decision on.”

Graham Fletcher has accepted the role of vice-chairman after three seasons as manager

Fletcher has accepted an offer to join the board as vice-chairman and plans to build on the legacy he has put in place over the last three years.

“I accepted the position of vice chairman because I really like what we’ve done with the club and how it’s been driven forward. I think there’s still room to drive it forward.

“All the players have appreciated everything I’ve done and the fact that I’m going to stay on for the foreseeable future and try and make them better.

“The fact that we prepare for games properly more so than ever before and the whole aspect of the club is more and more of a professional outlet.

“I signed some very good players and I hope they go from strength to strength. That comes with the merge between ourselves and we have a very good youth academy which is only going to make the club stronger as we move forward in the next few years, that’s been my legacy I suppose.”

In Cheltenham’s first game after Fletcher’s departure they won 3-0 against St Nicholas and insists his heart is still with the team.

“I thought they played very well. They did what we always liked them to do which is pass the ball and the performance was very professional. They were excellent and took their chances well. They deserved to win quite comfortably in the end.”

Last season the club captain Jenn Brown-Wealls spoke exclusively to Parklife Sport about Graham Fletcher following the County Cup triumph.

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