Cheltenham Hockey Club’s seven-game loss

Cheltenham Hockey Club’s men’s 1s team continued their losing streak away to Havant ending in a 2 – 1 defeat.

Havant had the home advantage against bottom-of-the-table team Cheltenham, who now are only on three points from eight games.

Cheltenham’s only win was their first game of the season back in September against Clifton Robinson’s at home winning 2 – 1.

Havant’s first goal of the game from Muhammad Arshad which had been from a penalty corner. This was shortly followed by Cheltenham’s equaliser from Craig Graham . on 55 minutes.

Havant came back only ten minutes later scoring the penultimate field goal of the game by Matthew Cox.

Maciej Janiszewski is top goal scorer for Havant and the whole of the West Conference Divison – but when it came to playing Cheltenham this past weekend he didn’t put any points on the board.

Likewise, Ben Mackey is Cheltenham‘s leading goal scorer who also didn’t score for the away side.

PC: Penalty corner
FG: Field goal

Goal scorers
Craig Graham (FG55)

Goal scorers
Muhammed Arshad (PC44) Matthew Cox (FG66)


This upcoming weekend (Sunday 19th November) Cheltenham Hockey Club are away to the University of Bath’s Buccaneers.

Bath’s Buccaneers are sitting middle of the table at the moment as they have won four out of eight games of the season, with 13 points.

Ten points ahead of Cheltenham Hockey Club, they’ll need to dig deep to try and turn it around for the rest of their season.


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