Cheltenham Hockey Club look to finish disappointing season in-form

It might not have been the season manager Lee Robson was looking for back at the very beginning but a win last night against Havant means that the team can carry vital momentum into the all important relegation playoffs.

Although they won 4-3 yesterday, a lack of form and massive injuries throughout the season means that the team finds themselves bottom-but-one in the Premier Division Western Conference. Robson believes that the injuries to the team resulted in losses early on in the year which led to a lack of confidence, compounding their issues.

“Since the first week of the season, this is the first week we’ve had everyone available because of injuries. It’s been so costly.”


LISTEN: Lee Robson summarises a disappointing season for Cheltenham Hockey Club


“We’ve had two broken knee caps, a broken foot, broken collarbone, fractured eye socket. An absolute disaster.”

They have one fixture remaining this season, a final game against Exeter University at home in two weeks time could really set the tone of the teams post-season, hugely important as the result could drive the team to stave off the drop and remain in the Premier Division.

Robson is still keen for the side to stay up, should they not then Cheltenham Hockey could be in for a long time in the wilderness away from the league they believe that they belong in.

“We’ve got to set ourselves up for relegation, we’re going to have to rebuild, play on Saturday’s, lose some players”.

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