HOCKEY: Cheltenham extend losing streak after nine-goal thriller against Cardiff & Met

Cheltenham Hockey Club lost 5 – 4 against Cardiff & Met at home at Cheltenham College.

It was  Cheltenham’s fourth loss in a row, resulting in them being joint second from bottom with Isca.

Cheltenham are only 2 points ahead of bottom of the table side Clifton Robinsons and 12 points from top of the table University of Exeter.

Both teams were soon on the score sheet with Charles Hunte of Cardiff & Met opening the scoring.

Cheltenham’s Ben Mackey was quick to follow up with the first penalty corner of the game, with Cheltenham coming from behind three times to make it 3-3.

The home side were quick to take their first lead of the game 50 minutes in, but Cardiff’s Jack Pritchard scored two goals in quick succession to give the visitors victory.

PC: Penalty corner
FG: Field goal

Goal scorers
Ben Mackey (PC26), Sam Carter (FG43), Ellis Robson (FG45), Will Heywood (PC50)

Cardiff & Met
Goal scorers
Charles Hunte (FG21), Alf Dinnie (FG37), Rhys Bradshaw (FG38), Jack Pritchard (FG52) (FG60)

Ben Mackey is Cheltenham’s top goal scorer and one to watch every single game.

Mackey in total has four points, playing five games and scoring two field goals and two penalty corners. This leaves Mackey only two points away from top of the scorer table Maciej Janiszewski from Havant.

Cheltenham’s next game is at home to mid-table team University of Birmingham on Sunday November 5.

Their player to watch is Scott Wall as he is higher in the goal scorers table than Mackey, totalling five points.

In five games Wall has scored three penalty corners and two penalty shots in his games so far, alongside fellow team mate Tom Poustie who has scored all five field goals for Birmingham.


The game is set to have added spice with University of Birmingham being Cheltenham’s closest geographical rival in the West Conference.

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