Cheltenham Festival In Numbers

There are plenty of numbers to pay attention to when it comes to the Cheltenham Festival. How many horses are racing in each race? What are the distances the horses will run? How many races will Ruby Walsh win?

There are also a smattering of other, much more obscure numbers that detail just how popular the four day Festival is, and just how wild it can get.

Here are some of our favourite bizarre numbers that make up the Cheltenham Festival.

  • Plenty of alcohol is consumed during the Cheltenham Festival, as you would expect at one of the busiest and most popular events on the racing calendar. Most recent alcohol based numbers from 2015 claim that a total of 265,000 pints of Guinness were consumed in the four day festival (there are eight Guinness only bars), with 120,000 bottles of wine also being knocked back. 20,000 bottles of house Champagne were also purchased.


  • Away from alcohol based liquids, tea and coffee also prove to be major sellers, with over 8,000 gallons of the hot brews being served in 2015.

  • With an average attendance of 62,000, you’d expect the festival to serve a wide assortment of food to their patrons. 45,000 bread rolls were eaten in 2015, along with nine tonnes of potatoes and five tonnes of cheese. 5 tonnes of fresh salmon and smoked salmon were served up, while one ton of British beef is also consumed. 1.27 tonnes of sultanas are also eaten during the four day period.


  • As well as paying customers, the festival brings in a large swathe of non-paying people to flood the racecourse. 6,000 numbers of staff are employed during the four days, with 350 of them employed as chefs. 50 coaches are sourced from around the country to retrieve staff, reaching as far as Liverpool, London, Cardiff and Swansea, while 800 members of the press become accredited.

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  • In terms of travel, traffic increases dramatically during he festival. 105,000 people frequent the Cheltenham Spa rail station over the four days, with 80,000 people utilising the shuttle bus service from town to the racecourse. Airline Ryanair also put on around 30 additional flights (around 20,000 customers) in order to fully service the buoyant Irish populous that travel in swathes to the festival.


  • Betting is the heartbeat behind horse racing, and extravagant amounts are spent on the festival. Around £150million is spent every year on bets at the festival. The safest bet? Ruby Walsh. Not only does he boast the most wins by a single jockey in a single year, with seven, he also boasts the most wins by a single jockey of all time, miles ahead of his competitions with 56.

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