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Britain’s most successful snowboarder Jenny Jones on equal opportunities in winter sport

As the colder weather sets in and some sporting seasons come to an end for the winter, other fixtures are at risk of being postponed due to a water logged or frozen pitch.  ParkLife turn their attention to the sports that can survive those winter conditions and how they may be forgotten about after a year of mainstream sporting success.

Bristol born Jenny Jones is Britain’s most successful snowboarder and won the nation’s first Olympic medal on snow. In 2014, she snatched up the bronze medal in the women’s slopestyle event at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

She gave up her job as a chalet worker and decided to forgo university to concentrate on snowboarding. Her story will be familiar to those who have watched the 2011 film Chalet Girl.

However, in a time and society where women are still fighting for equal rights in sports, Jenny made a refreshing comment about the equal opportunities in snowboarding.

Great Britain aims to be a top five snowsporting nation by 2030. Although funding and innovation will play a big part an uptake in new talent will also be crucial.

With local dry ski slopes just down the road in Gloucester and Bristol and with Jenny highlighting the accommodating nature of the sport, hopefully a new wave of young local girls will be inspired to follow in her footsteps and help GB reach their 2030 goal.

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