“Brackley was the embodiment of Italian Football” – Football Italia Chief pays tribute to former Commentator

Following the tragic passing of former commentator and radio presenter, Peter Brackley, Park Life Sports spoke exclusively to the Chief Correspondent at Football Italia, Richard Hall.

“The reason football Italia as a website exists and the reason behind why people love Italian football in this country is solely down to the Channel 4 programme and, crucially, Peter Brackley.

In this country, during those first years of Football Italia, the English league, you know, was a little bit rough and ready and you had varying styles so to have this glamorous backdrop of Italian football and those anchors of James Richardson, who was exceptionally funny, and more so Peter, was just brilliant.”

Hall, who now heads the website that was created on the back of the successful Channel 4 programme, went on to talk about the impact Football Italia and Brackley had on those who watched the show in the early 90s in the UK and referred to one special piece of commentary in particular;

“He was literally the voice of so many people and everyone recognised him. He said it himself, he knew he has made it in this country when people in the park were shouting Ravinelli for the first time. There is a way he did it.”

Hall believes that the present and future writers of Italian football in the UK will always relate back to Brackley.

“If you look at the people who are involved with Italian football now in this country and not just those who write but those who just enjoy watching it now, everyone can trace some part of what they do to footballitalia and the way that Peter sold that to us and the way he explained it to us, that will be something I take with me until I pass too.”

“Peter Brackley, in short, was just the embodiment of what Italian football was in those early 90s and the fact that we could watch something so glamorous, so spectacular and he could explain that to us and everything that went with Italian football with a smile will resonate with many for a long time.”


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