Basketball: Gloucester Saxons are on the rise

The Gloucester Saxons is a team on the up after entering three different teams into the National League a year ahead of schedule.

This is a large step forward for a team that was only formed two years ago after they dissolved former side Gloucester Blazers, due to its lack of resources.

The club will now have an U16’s, U18’s and senior team in the National League to represent a real upturn in the number of people playing basketball in the area. Head of Operations Danny James says the National league programme is important for the club.

“It’s really important here that club has a national league programme because for one it allows us to develop some players to elite level but more importantly it provides a catalyst for our young players to look at where they can be and what they can do and hopefully aspire to be in one of those programmes.”

Despite this immediate success James is adamant it’s about the development of basketball and getting more young people involved in the game at the club, around the local areas and within schools. He says the development is going well and that they are far ahead of schedule.

“Two years ago where we started we had a skeleton of teams and now we have a whole host of new teams and as a direct result of that we have increased our membership by nearly 50%.

“What we’ve planned to do in terms of our five year programme we have already reached year three which is great and hence the reason why we’ve got three national league teams but most importantly we’ve got the men’s team which is a year ahead of schedule.”

Whilst the club is progressing at a fast rate they have a lot to thank Gloucestershire College for who have given them a venue that is the only one in the South West to be entirely dedicated to basketball.

James said: “The venue is great for a club to have one that is entirely dedicated to basketball in the South West is virtually unheard of.

“It’s not only just helped us develop our own teams but also helped local teams grow and develop so it’s a really important and catalyst for what we’ve done recently.”

Danny James on the venue at Gloucestershire College by user329623052

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Danny James is happy with the progress but senior men’s player Louis Fawl is also very thankful for the club as it gives people a real chance to play.  He believes there is a lot to offer for all ages and if anyone in the area wants to play basketball this is the place to come.

Overall it’s been a great success story for Danny James since he formed the club and as they continue to overachieve off the field it’s just case of waiting to see how well they can do in the National League.

See below for about what Louis Fawl said about the club.

Louis Fawl thankful for the club by user329623052

Stream Louis Fawl thankful for the club.

Also watch my full interview with Danny James here:

Danny James Full Interview with Robert Herman by user329623052

Stream Danny James Full Interview with Robert Herman

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