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Cheltenham Town’s Michael Duff speaks out on European Super League

With the announcement of the European Super League, Ex-Burnley player and Cheltenham Town manager Michael Duff spoke out against the decision and it’s implications of the English football pyramid: “It’s disgraceful really that people are looking trying to run a separate competition, when 150 years of history has worked so far but I’m only repeating […]

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Horse racing is morally questionable but it’s importance to local economy comes above that: Comment piece

Horse racing has been morally dubious at the best of times and as time goes on it partly remains a sport still in the dark ages, a time before professionalism. The questionable treatment of the horses, drug use and being a sport built around gambling, however in the name of the “greater good”, I must […]


Russell Westbrook joins the Washington Wizards as John Wall goes the other way to the Houston Rockets

Former MVP Russell Westbrook has joined the Washington Wizards in a trade that involves John Wall going to the Houston Rockets, the Rockets also received a 2021  lottery-protected first round pick as part of the trade. The trade comes after speculation and reports of a clash in the dressing room with Westbrooks “fiery and very […]