Animal Aid call for boycott of Cheltenham Festival

Animal Aid are encouraging people to boycott Cheltenham Festival due to the high death rate of horses the event has every year.

Cheltenham race course currently holds the U.K record for the most horses killed in a day with six dying on 16th March 2006.

Animal aids report ‘Why more horses die at Cheltenham than at any other British Racecourse’ highlights the main factors that are causing the high death toll, stating that the crowded races, unforgiving fences, long distance to run and novice horses used in demanding events. 

In total 11 horses died as a result of the 2006 festival.

Seventy eight have died at the race course since 2007, 33 of those at the festival.

Cheltenham race course had the highest fatality rate last year with 12 deaths, four of which occurred at the festival.

Another issue raised by Animal Aid is the high number of whip breaches at the big racing events.

We are currently waiting to hear back from Cheltenham Race course for their response.



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