Ackermann believes that if the Aviva Premiership season is to be extended there “has to be a winter break.”.

Gloucester Rugby head coach Johann Ackermann has said that there has to be a winter break if the proposed plan for the Aviva Premiership season to be extended and run through to June goes ahead.

The comments came after Gloucester captain Billy Twelvetrees stated that the proposed extension is ‘ridiculous’ and would lead to players’ bodies ‘falling apart’.

“Every season is already very taxing, if it goes for longer is there a break in December where there will be 2 or 3 weeks with no Aviva Premiership, no A League, no cup game for the players to freshen up.”

“I think that once it’s in place it’s not a matter of when it starts or when it finishes, it’s during that period how constantly the body is getting taxed week by week and if there is a break.”, said Ackermann.

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This comes in the wake of reports that the Aviva Premiership clubs are facing an injury crisis with 82 players across the 10 of the 12 Premiership clubs being on the injury list.

Ackermann does not believe that there has been a particular reason behind the injuries, rather that some of them are freak and unforeseen, in Gloucester’s case anyway.

“There are a few injuries that have happened in the collision area and some that are freak training ground accidents, you’ve just got to prepare as best you can and hope these don’t happen.”

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“You can speculate that sides like Wasps and Harlequins who are suffering from a lot of injuries that its due to the collision area, but in Super Rugby last year where there are a lot of collisions and the ball is in play for a lot of time and we only had 3 injuries all year.”

“I trust that it is something you can do your best to prepare and prevent, but sometimes they just happen and you have to work through those periods.”

LISTEN: Ackermann discusses the possibility of the Aviva Premiership season being extended and the current injury crisis current Premiership teams are facing.

Gloucester who are battling with a growing injury list themselves and will be without over 10 first team squad members for their European Challenge Cup clash with Agen on Thursday.

Fixture: Gloucester vs Agen         Venue: Kingsholm        Date & Time: Thursday 19th October, 19:45 KO.

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