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A gossip-fuelled chat with the new faces of Evolution Wrestling

It’s been an exciting year for professional wrestling and the buzz continues in Gloucestershire as the appointment of new General Manager Lewis Nicholls looks to change the landscape of sports entertainment in the area.

The introduction of the new GM has drawn much attraction to the Gloucestershire-based company of 15 years, which has expanded the company’s academy but has also caused somewhat of a tense atmosphere backstage.

Trainee Davyd Batten and the new General Manager Lewis Nicholls have given an exclusive insight to Park Life Sport in regards to the current state of affairs within the company, the changes needed and whether they see their future with Evolution Wrestling.

This unmissable and gossip-fuelled Christmas edition of Murphy’s Law is brought to you by host Joe Bourne and co-host Jack Murphy, with special guests Lewis Nicholls and Davyd Batten.

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